With the words “job security” being nothing more than a cruel irony in today’s employment environment, working from home could be a viable option for some. The Internet is a virtual goldmine of money-making opportunities for the motivated individual. Even a person with limited “tech-knowledge” can create income online without plunking down a huge investment as required with most traditional business start-ups.

Work From Home: Make Money Online With Direct Sales
Good, old-fashioned direct sales opportunities are finding renewed life with the amazing reach and power of the Internet. With some of these companies such as Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and Avon having survived their share of economic downturns and yet they continue to thrive, is a testament to the fact that the direct sales industry continues to be a viable way to earn money from home. Since a lot of these companies are allowing their representatives to engage in e-commerce in order to boost their sales, it is quite possible to make money online with direct sales in addition to home parties and face-to-face sales.

A person looking to get into direct sales will benefit from doing his or her “due diligence” and spending some time online to find the right direct sales company with which to work. Making sure the products are legitimate and agreeable to sell is of utmost importance to direct sales success. Selling something one does not support or believe in will hinder the marketing and sales process.

Work From Home: Make Money Online With Network Marketing
With the capability to automate the entire marketing process using technology, network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), could be the best internet home-based business of today. Instead of being hindered by the archaic marketing methods of yesteryear which many network marketing companies are still teaching, network marketers of this day and age are presented with more lucrative opportunities than ever.

Tips, information, training, entire marketing systems, and more are all available in abundance across the Internet. Some of the industry’s top “gurus” are sharing their secrets for MLM success and how they became top earners in their companies. With literally thousands of network marketing opportunities in existence, this is an industry where it definitely pays to do some research first in order to find a good fit.

Work From Home: Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing can be one of the easiest ways to have an Internet home-based business. Since affiliate marketing consists of promoting someone else’s product or service for a commission, most of the work is already done for the affiliate. There are no products to store, no products to create or deliver, and no payment processing to handle.

Most quality affiliate programs will also supply all the promotional materials needed to advertise for their website such as: text links, ad banners, prepared emails and messages for social networking sites, trial offers, and free eBooks. A quality affiliate program will also provide their affiliates with training on the best advertising strategies used to promote their product or service.

Anyone Can Work From Home & Make Money Online
All of the above mentioned Internet home-based business opportunities do not discriminate against age, education, or previous work experience. These are viable opportunities for anyone if they are self-motivated, diligent, and willing to put in some time. As with any legitimate business, these are not get-rich-quick schemes. Success will be proportional to one’s efforts.