In this article, let’s touch on the most probably popular topic – how to earn money on the Internet for a beginner moneymaker. And indeed, earnings in the network, a very tasty morsel, many want to purchase an additional (it is possible that the main) source of income, without leaving the computer and without getting up from a comfortable chair.
Pros in this way to replenish your budget is obvious:

-you do not have to go to work, get up early, have a completely free schedule;

there are no bosses, no one is above the soul, you are your own boss;

– The amount of earned money depends entirely on you, your efforts and desires.

And, of course, do you really want to earn the first ring money, without any financial investments at the first stages? But you are still very new to earning money on the net and think that you will not succeed? What around are some crooks and scammers?

Needless to say, the swindlers are missing everywhere, not only in the network, but to make some money, you need to make some efforts, and as a rule, the more they are bigger, the higher your slats and aspirations, so your earnings will be higher. But still, from the lyrics, let’s move on to concrete examples: as a beginner from scratch can earn an unlimited amount of money on the Internet.


Before we begin, let’s determine who is a beginner? All right – this is a man who is just beginning to comprehend all the subtleties of remote work, site building, blogging and other problems. He does not understand anything at this stage, he is just a student, and, as a rule, he does not know much.

That’s just for these people, we have made a small selection of ways that you chose.

If you understand something in site building, it’s good, but you can make your online store without attachments without special knowledge in it! But the creation of an online store that will constantly bring you profit is not so difficult!


The most miserable kind of earnings in fact, and besides, it is very common for fraudsters who use human laziness and greed.

The principle of this earnings is this: you register on some resource, there you are given a list of sites (a list of letters to read and so on) to which you have to go (click on the link), and for every such call, for each such letter, you get money.

The amount is usually ludicrous, and even if you take into account the fact that there is a referral system on such resources (that is, you refer this person to your referral system, just like you, it starts clicking on links, browsing mail and the like, and the percentage of his earnings is charged to you).

So, even with all this in mind, even if you work there days and nights, and bring a hundred referrals, you are unlikely to earn a more or less decent amount.

For example, the prices for such resources – 0.001 per click on a single link, that is, per page view. Can you imagine how many pages you need to look at to earn bread and butter? That’s just it. I do not recommend it!

Now about scammers, I want to note this point, if somewhere you are offered $ 1 (sometimes more) per click on the link, do not settle for such work. These are ordinary scammers, you will not get money, but time will be wasted, and time, you know, is the most valuable resource.


What is a file sharing, I think, it is not necessary to explain, and how it works too. I note only that their huge number, the most popular – Letitbit and Depositfiles.

The principle of earning with the help of file sharing is this: you register in the system, download a file, attract people interested in this file, and get the money for the number of downloads.

Just want to make a reservation, and let the newbie look very simple (in fact, no special knowledge is needed), but he will take a lot of time, and earnings will be very small. So after 1000 (!) Downloads, you can earn on average from $ 5 to $ 20, but you also need to attract people to reach the bar in 1000 downloads. And how to achieve it? We’ll have to work hard: register on various Internet projects with high (necessarily high) attendance, place posts there, with a link to your file. All this should be beautifully and qualitatively designed, and done on dozens of different sites.


This type of earning on the Internet is also very suitable for beginners, and besides, the revenues from it can be higher than from the two above methods. After all, Yutoub – the project is sufficiently untwisted.

The meaning of replenishing the budget is as simple as two and two, you only need to sign a contract with YouTube video hosting and, of course, video files. You will receive money for advertising, which Yutoub will place in the form of an advertising line on your video file. And the more often this video is viewed, the higher your income, respectively.

However, here there are a few nuances:

-Video should be very interesting (or funny, or useful), so that it is watched more often;
– the conclusion of the contract is possible only after 1000 views of one particular video file (at least, it was before).
If you understand, a passive type of earnings is enough, shoot yourself interesting vidyushki, and get money for viewing them.


Yes, you heard right, you can make money on games too. We will start with gambling, because the fact that with their help you can fill your pockets, it was known one hundred and two hundred years ago (although, then, there was no Internet).

So, if you are not too adventurous and know how to stop in time, and also play poker well, then this is an option for you. At the poker table you can earn, but you just need to play very well to be in the black.

Now about more interesting games. Now, probably every second user of the net has heard about the Warcraft universe (WOW), so you can earn money there. The simplest way: develop your charm and sell it later. The buyer, most likely, will be some schoolboy who has saved on ice cream and chocolates. Therefore, there is not much to gain, but if you take into account the fact that WOW is a paid game (400 rubles a month before), then you’ll have to download the characters a little bit by the gross.

However, in addition to Warcraft there are a number of other MMORGs, and completely free.
Here on this source of earnings for beginners, who still do not know how to do anything, and which maybe, only recently came to the Internet, are over. Now we will rise to a higher level, the next selection of ways of earning will be an order of magnitude more serious, and the amounts there are different.


Forex is a currency exchange of international scale, and earnings on it are one of the most popular topics on the net. Not every newcomer will cope with this, because in order to successfully sell (and the meaning of receiving income on this exchange is precisely the purchase and sale of foreign currency) you need to closely monitor the policy and especially the economy, and in addition, initially invest some money it was, what to buy currency).

If you feel that this is your vocation, you understand that you can become a good player on the foreign exchange market, you are well versed in all the subtleties of the economy, then it is possible that you will achieve the results (and not bad ones) there.

For example, you wrote excellent essays. Elegant! Go to the copywriters. Do you have excellent knowledge of foreign languages? Just great! Translate articles, books .

These activities are very much appreciated on the Internet, and a good copywriter or interpreter will be torn off with their hands.