Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

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Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Now I will tell you some ways for making money from your blog. With these ways you can start earning  money as a blogger.

Publisher Programs:


Monetizing your blog by displaying some contextual ads (text or banner). Basically there are some publisher programs that you sign up for. After that they display their relevant ads on your blog. And you get paid for each click the visitors of your blog make on these ads.

The amount of money that you earn with this way depends on the CTR(click through rate) and CPC(cost per click). Norm


ally the ads placed with in the content  and blended with the theme of the blog have higher CTR…Where as ads that are in the side bars get less attention so they have lower CTR.

And the CPC depends on the niche (topic) of your blogs… Blogs on insurance, forex trading, mortgages and college education have higher PCP(as high as $10) whereas the examples of lower CPC are niches about technology and health etc (as low as $.01).

Traffic also affects the money you make with your blogs. Higher the traffic, higher would be the CTR thus higher would be your earning. Just try to bring a lot of traffic to your blog through back-linking,social bookmarking,URL submission,forum posting and blog commenting.

Some of the popular publisher programs are listed below:

Google Adsense

Yahoo Publisher Network




CPM Networks:

There are some advertising programs that don’t pay you per click rather they pay you depending on the impressions their ads get on your blog. CPM means Cost Per Mille…. that mean the money you earn per 1000  page views. For example a blog has 100,000 per month displaying an ad with a CPM of $1 then this blog will earn $100 per month.

Here is the list of popular CPM networks:

Casale Media

Burst Media

Value Click


Tribal Fusion

Right Media

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