Video: If You Are In The ” I Need Money Desperately ” Spot – Watch This.

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….ahhhh damn, i need money desperately………..


Sometimes you just run out of money and need make some quick cash in a hurry to pay the bills, buy something, pay some debt or something like that.

We all know that feeling. And we all know that its not the best feeling in the world when we open the mailbox and a huge unexpected bill hits you in the face, and no matter how you twist and turn things, theres just no room for it in your budget.

Thats when you enter the ” I need money desperately mode “.

The reason i came to think of this was because someone hit me up on skype the other day and basically told me exactly that; Daaaaamn, i need money desperately, right now.
He had forgot some anual prepaid school fee to allow him to pick up one of his classes in january, and he had just got notified of being late with the payment.
So now he is asking me for advice on some serious online money generator and money making machine methods.

I really want to help this guy, so im starting to think how he can make some fast cash internet money. After a good amount of thinking i have to conclude with the fact that i know a bunch of methods to make money online and generate automated income, but these methods often take time to set up and take a bit of work and time before they turn in to a money making machine.

So i started loooking around the internet and came across this cool video by the user “Marketing Slam”.
At the start of the video he says something that is very true and makes a lot of sense;

If you want to make fast cash and sell services and be a money generator, you have to do all the stuff that people hate doing and give them the feeling that they get a lot of return on their investment.
A good example is to do data entry or backlinks.

Watch the video here:

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