Here Are Tips To Make A Good Personal Blog

Here Are Tips To Make A Good Personal Blog

Design of the Personal Brand

Before starting to create your blog, take a moment to think about the importance of visual marketing today, and start by designing the image of your personal brand. This brand has to convey your values, your identity and even your own personality.

Choice of domain

The normal thing is to choose your own name for the domain of your future Personal Blog, but this should be written in a natural way, as a person would do if it were to look for you in the Google search engine.

 The choice of tool

Although the market have different tools to create a free blog on the Internet , I recommend that from the outset choose the most professional option to have your own domain, your own hosting and choose WordPress as a tool to create the Blog.

Why choose WordPress?

For the simple reason that you will begin to position in the Internet in less time and you will have to dedicate less efforts to optimize the SEO.

Content Strategy

The content strategy is a key factor for the failure or success of a Blog, so you have to know a lot of what you are going to write on your Blog and why.

The tone of your communication

Be yourself when it comes to communicating with your Blog and avoid the error of copying other models that work, eventually sooner or later everyone will really know how you are.

Frequency of publication

There are blogs that think that publishing every day will have more visits and get a better web positioning , but this is not true, blogs with more visits in Spain publish 1 or 2 posts a week, yes, they are very post post And with many hours of work.

Visual Marketing

Add visual content that captures the attention and interest of the users by the articles that you publish in the Blog. Besides the images and infographics are an element that will help you get a greater social virality of your work on the Internet.

Here I leave you a guide to create infographics in a simple way and without having previous knowledge.

Work outside the Blog

One aspect that not everyone knows is that the work that must be done outside a Blog is equal to or more important than the one we do inside, so it locates which blogs are the most visited and authoritative in your sector and publish content for Get to know and to also do link building .