I Teach You How To Do An Online Course And Sell It On The Internet

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How To Do An Online Course And Sell It On The Internet

A few days ago I told you in another article which is the best online business you can start : online courses.

To take an online course you will not need money (you can create it only with your computer and your knowledge), and it is a method to generate passive income with which greater profits you will have.

Today I’m going to teach you here everything you need to know: how to take an online course to earn money, what materials you need, how to choose the subject for your course, and in what places you can sell it to generate recurring income.

Advantages of online courses

Online courses are revolutionizing both education and how to earn money from many people. One of the main advantages is its cost of production: you can create them totally free!

All you need is the computer you already have at home , your Internet connection, your knowledge, and as an optional video camera, webcam, or microphone.

The second advantage is that once you have done the course, you will not have to re-create it to sell it to a second person. That is: you only have to work once, and do nothing else afterwards.

The third and most important advantage is that it is an excellent way to generate passive income. And just in case you do not know what this means, now I’ll explain.

Passive income is income that is generated automatically without you having to work on them.

A good example of passive income is renting a house: you buy that house (the initial job), the rent, and every month you receive income from rent without having to do any work automatically.

With the online courses the same thing happens: you will only have to do the initial work of creating the course, uploading it to a web page, and then selling it over and over automatically, making money without having to work on it.

Knowing this already, I will show you all the information you need to take an online course, and earn money with it.

What materials do you need to take an online course?

There are several formats for doing an online course: you can create a written course, a course with audio, or a course in video.

For the written course you will only need a program like Office Word, write it, and pass it to PDF format. And for the audio course you will need a microphone, and a program to record your voice.

But such courses are not sold well at all.

The courses that really generate good income today are the video courses. And those kinds of courses are what you should do if you really want to start making money with this.

For video courses the necessary materials are:

  • Your computer or laptop, and if you have a built-in webcam, much better.
  • Your Internet connection.

And as optional materials , you will need:

  • A video camera if your computer does not have an integrated webcam (below I’ll tell you alternatives if you do not have a video camera).
  • A microphone.
  • A program to record your screen or a program to create slides.

In this article I will only teach you how to take an online course on video because if I am honest with written or audio courses you will not gain anything.

People want to SEE clear explanations, not read or listen to them , and learn in a fun way, and this is only achieved with video courses.

But do not worry: if you keep reading, you’ll see that taking a video course is easier and simpler than you think.

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