Shipping Of Products

Shipping Of Products

This part should be well analyzed. You could send products to the whole world, to certain continents or countries or to do it only within your country. You would earn more if you sell your products to the whole world, but if a particular country has complicated laws for receiving mail this would be a problem for you.

The shipping cost of separate product calculations and many services have a calculator included in their portals.

Also depending on the distance of the country of the customer the arrival of the product can take up to almost two months.

You can also give higher shipping options that the customer can choose. Of course, there are products that by their delicacy or value can only be sent by certified mail, if so you must specify it in your notice to avoid problems.

Keep in mind that if you choose to sell worldwide your customers will communicate in English and your notice must also be written in English.


How do they pay you

Depending on the platform chosen they can pay you by credit card or PayPal. Payment will always be advanced. Your customers trust that you are a good merchant and will send them the product once canceled.

Sales Policies

Like any business you must keep in mind to define certain policies like:

Return of the product: if the customer is not satisfied with what has been received he can return the product. The return costs are assumed by the customer and as soon as you receive you return the deposit. To avoid this always make an accurate description of the product you offer.

Product change:  Should you arrive with defects. The same applies to the above.

Return of the amount paid not to arrive the product:  In this case if after the period the product does not arrive you return the amount paid and you recover it with the company that sent it according to your guarantee.

Commissions for the use of the service

Portals such as eBay, Amazon, Free Market, etc do not charge why you publish your products, but they will charge a commission once the sale has occurred. It is a percentage of the price of the product sold that varies according to each portal, can be between 2% to 5% or more. Whereas if you sold this products on your own you would spend on the online store, hosting the site, advertising to make it known, etc. The amount they charge is much lower and you would have the backing and brand image of global portals.

And you are encouraged to have your own online business, give the opportunity and take the first step towards your financial independence, if others have succeeded because you could not do it?