How to screw your blog in 7 ways- the Failure Guide to Blogging

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How to screw your blog in 7 ways- the Failure Guide to Blogging

The blogging world has seen many success stories in recent years. Some avid bloggers have ended up making more than USD 3,000 per month, while there are others who have started their very own corporations (Mashable and TechCrunch being two prime examples of that). That has prompted a whole horde of people who are looking to be successful in the blogging world.

There are many way to be successful, and you find tones of posts on this topic online. However, there are only a handful of ways you can fail as a blogger. Here is a failure guide to blogging- follow the steps below and you are bound to fail as a blogger:

Trying to be too clever with your headlines- The headlines of your blog posts are the first thing that people come across online. And it is after reading the headlines that people decide whether you read the article or not. While a little bit of wit in writing headlines is important in order to ignite interest, too clever headlines spoil the game and drive traffic away. While writing your headlines, make sure you write clear, concise and direct headlines, with a little bit of humor to them. A god example is the title of this very post.

Trying to be too formal in your language- Formal language works only in one place- in a boardroom. People like to read stuff that’s written in a way that they speak in their daily life. Showing off your vocabulary in your blog posts never works, and it never will.

Failing to be original- How many times have you read about the importance of original content online? No, I am not asking for an answer here. The point is, you have to original content all the time. If you are in the tech field, write something that’s not already on Mashable or TechCrunch (or at least write it in a different manner).

If you are writing about copywriting, try to tell people what other blogs haven’t already told. Write posts people would love to read and not something they have read a zillion times before.

Forgetting your old posts- Links from popular blogs are important for search engine optimization purposes. However, linking within your blog is also essential to increase the stickiness of your blog. Forgetting about your old posts is a cardinal you just can’t commit if you want to be a successful blogger. But then again, we are talking about how to fail in the blogging world, so you might as well forget about internal linking.

Writing huge chunks of content- let’s face it, we all have a very short attention span, and even less patience to read. Most of us scan the content that we read online. Writing huge blocks of your content on your blog without a break is a sure fire way to drive traffic away. Our brain functions in a very funny way- the moment it sees huge block of writing, it is tempted to look elsewhere.

Not filling your meta description fields- If you are adamant on failing in this blogging world, leave the meta-description fields, keyword fields as well as Meta title fields in your blog post blank. Search engines are unlikely to find you that way and you are unlikely to get traffic to your blog in that case.

There are plugins available for WordPress and Blogger that come with concise and clear fields on what to write and where. One of the best plugins in this regard is the all-in-one-SEO plugin.

Giving up too soon- Everything takes time to get noticed, barring a few exceptions such as Facebook. You cannot expect a million clicks on your blog within a few weeks of writing your first post. The successful bloggers you are so inspired by took a number of years to build their fan following and start generating a sizeable income from their blog.

Giving up too soon is a sure shot way to be a failed blogger and lose all faith in this fantastic way of making money online. Be regular with your blogging and fight it out at least for a couple of years if you want to be successful in this field.

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