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Website date- July 2017

Average Monthly Revenue- $550

Average Monthly Expenses- $250

Revenue proof:

Which monetization methods are used?- Ad sales

Price – $1649

Established website earning $550/mo getting month, Autopilot

This site have been making $550 a month by the latest date, main sources being affiliate ads, high traffic, have been consistent in revenues and has maintained good traffic.
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Site history– was set on internet at July 2017.

Since then it has been catered with fresh content consistently. Social media has paid off, making it popular enough with good number of followers.

Affiliate ads featured in the website have generated enough revenues to call it a success.


What’s Included

1-     A website developed by professionals which has fetched 43000+ Pageviews/month and earns around $550 a month

2-      Domain name

3-      Hosting pre-bundled with website

4-      A dedicated facebook page with 10,000+ fans

5-      A Twitter account having 1200+ followers

6-      An instagram account having 200+ followers

Features to ponder

1-      designed for satisfactory response

2-      100+ high quality articles already there