On What Pages Can I Publish My Course Online?

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On What Pages Can I Publish My Course Online

There are many places where you can upload your online course to start making money with it, but my favorite are these:

On What Pages Can I Publish My Course Online


Udemy is a large learning community that has more than 7 million registered students and where you can buy an online course, sell it, and even teach your employees if you are a company.

This page is completely in Spanish (its main version is in English) and also has an affiliate program that you can join to generate commissions promoting your courses.

Currently only the payment through PayPal is available ( click here to know how to open a PayPal account ).

However, keep in mind that Udemy will take a commission (50% for you and 50% for Udemy) if anyone finds your course and buys it.


Floqq is a website for Spanish-speaking users only. It also has millions of students and an affiliate program.

Here, if someone finds your course and purchases it through a link that you have promoted in social networks, your blog, etc., you will receive 85% of the price of the course.

But if a student finds your course by searching the Floqq website, you will receive 70% of the course price.

Payments are made by month (the last day of the month following the sale of the course) and the methods are by bank transfer (only if you live in Spain) and by PayPal if you live inside or outside Spain.


Another very good page to do an online course and upload it in Tutellus. if you invite friends and register, you will receive some rewards for it.

Your commission for letting you publish a course on your page is 30% (you would charge 70% of the price at which you sell the course). The only method of charging here is through PayPal.

These are the three pages to upload your courses most recommended as they all have thousands of users and are reliable and 100% secure when paying and manage your account.

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