New Job Profiles Through Facebook

New Job Profiles Through Facebook

All (or almost all) have a profile on the most popular social network in the world, but not many know that you can earn attractive figures, nor do you require special skills, this proves that sometimes the ability to invent a position Work, is right in front of our noses, but it seems that no one cares since they do not notice them.

Some years ago, when Tokio Hotel sold more than 8 million records with its first record, a child in this group did not open an account and called it: “This zucchini will have more fans of Tokio Hotel”, with the clear intention to humiliate To the German band.

In truth we were never able to outperform in the number of amateurs but at one point we met over 350,000 members and perhaps someone pointed out that with an area of ​​influence we could make money, promotional items from other websites. Today, to those who joined the group, receive daily notifications of this type:

A post specifically designed to make people click, in fact, with the photos Simoncelli (recently deceased) and the phrase “WE KNOW HOW” really want to leverage. For each click, of course, it brings a profit to the owner of the profile in question.

This is the principle that underlies the profit that can be achieved thanks to Facebook, because there are services (but also direct advertisers) that pay us if we share your articles or your ads in our profile. You can also sell your own profile of more attractive prices, which vary depending on the place you are dealing with; We also receive 10 cents for any fan page, so if you can create a profile with 100,000 friends, you can also earn $ 10,000.

What matters then is to have an idea to create a profile of success, taking advantage of some famous person, an important event or simply a phrase that became popular, more generally, something that is interesting, echoed for months and has a good Opportunity to become viral.

Of course, many exploit this mechanism by inventing incredible hoaxes, such as signatures collected to save some endangered species or the fact that if you put the “Like” on a particular page, users lose, generating an impressive number Of firms in a short period of time. This practice is at the limit of legality and known social networks do not hesitate to put an end to misleading profiles.

So it is not difficult to find a way to win with this technique, it does not require specific skills, just the right view at the right time, groping, it costs nothing. There are those who, with this technique , is composed of a full-time job, pursuing trends and inventing every time a page attracts public attention, based on feelings, political ideologies, religious orientation, sexual orientation, anger, happiness , News, scandals and so on.

The publishing world has changed radically with the arrival of the Internet and this has opened up new possibilities for the flourishing of work from home; Inventing an eBook to win is very simple and does not need any special skills, but a good knowledge and a little passion for writing. You do not even need special tools, since the text can be written with the simple use of Open Office (Word consider one free) and then saved a PDF format.

You do not need to have an expensive office or equipment to take this road, just find an idea to write about and get to work.