How To Make An Online Course To Generate Passive Income

How To Make An Online Course To Generate Passive Income

Do you have all the materials to start your video course and you already know what topic you are going to do? Then it’s time to take your online course.

 Step 1: Your course is an onion!

Yes, you have read well: the first step to take your online course is to think of it as an onion. To cook this vegetable you have to remove the layers first, and then cut it into small pieces, right?

Before you start recording it you should do the same. You cannot start recording without having previously organized lessons because that way you will only be able to talk without stopping and make an online course lousy.

So do the same as with an onion, and divide your course into small pieces.

Write down on paper the major steps to be taken (these will be the sections), and then divide each of those steps into smaller steps (these will be the chapters).

Imagine that your course will be about how to make a simple face make-up for beginners. The approximate scheme of the course would be as follows:

Section 1: What is your skin type

  • Why you need to know what type of skin you have to apply your makeup
  • How to identify your skin type
  • What facial moisturizers are best for your skin type

Section 2: What tools do you need for makeup

  • What types of brushes are there and what do they use?
  • What types of makeup are there and which one is best for your skin
  • How to choose the perfect brush and makeup tone for you
  • My recommendation for brushes and make-up

Section 3: How to Make Up for Daily

  • How to apply your makeup step by step
  • How to apply your corrector for granites, dark circles and marks
  • How to Make Makeup Last All Day
  • Optional: How to apply blush on the cheeks

And so you would continue adding sections and chapters to each section depending on the online course you are creating.

Step 2: Set your course

When you already have all the sections and chapters of your course organized, it’s time to start arming it. Create the slides first, and then record your voice explaining each one.

I suggest that the slides must be clean, with large clear letters, and white backgrounds or non-strident colors so your students do not divert their attention from what you explain.

It also introduces images, the more attractive they are the better; Even if you know a bit of editing you can insert small pieces of videos with hints of humor or visual explanations.

If you are not sure how to handle the program you record your video with, you should go to YouTube, look for basic tutorials about that program, and learn the skills to handle it better.

Step 3: Export your recording and publish your course online!

Step 2 is the one that will take you more time and work, so once you have finished, you only have to export your video (convert it to a file and save it to your computer) and publish it on the Internet to start generating income.