Writing book reviews can be one of the most fun ways to make money online. Some of the perks of writing book reviews include:

  • Access to free books
  • The ability to make money through affiliate links and advertising
  • A creative outlet to write about your passion

If you are passionate about books and would love a fun way to make money online, writing book reviews might be just the option for you. Before you get started, here are three basic things to know about online book reviewing.

1. Use Free Resources for Book Reviews
Writing book reviews means that you need books to review! This isn’t hard though: start with what is available to you.

These are my top tips for free book review resources:
– Search online for the term “free ebooks.” You will find plenty of free books online to get you started. You can download and read books by new and established authors. This is a fantastic way to find books you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

– Set up a Google alert for your email. You can include terms like “new books”, “new ebooks” and similar phrases. This means that you will be alerted right away when new books are available online. When you start writing reviews on your own website, you will be able to supply fresh, new content.

– Start with books you own and have read. The best free resource are books you already own!

2. Give Something Away for Free
Your book reviewing venture can certainly be a way to make money online. However, before starting, make sure your focus is not only on earning money, but also on providing value.

To make sure you build a successful book reviewing site or blog, you need readers. That means that you also need valuable content. When you write book reviews, make sure that you don’t simple write up an “advertisement” for the book. Explain to readers what they will get from the books, provide a small sample, and write interesting reviews.

3. Pick a Niche
While you can set up a blog or site for general book reviews, it is better to pick a specific niche or genre to focus on. This will ensure you stand out. It also means that you are providing something different to readers and potential buyers.

Focusing on one niche or genre also means that you can make your book review site more focused. You can post blog posts and articles that are related to the genre in general. For instance, if you are reviewing science fiction books, you can also have posts and articles about science fiction in general. Keep the blog focused while adding other interesting content.

Hopefully this has given you some good pointers for how to go about developing a valuable online book reviewing business. Remember to get your free resources, give away your best work, and keep a tight focus when writing book reviews.