Make Money With INFOLINKS

Make Money with Infolinks

Infolinks is an online advertising platform that offers innovative advertising products that allow website publishers to get money by placing their ads on their web pages. The ads provided by Infolinks are based on user intent, are located in unconventional places and have a wide range of advertising formats, adapt to the needs of each web portal and are very easy to implement in blogs regardless of their system. Content management (Blogger, WordPress, etc).

Online Advertising

In Infolinks we can find four different advertising formats, it will be you who decide which format or formats to choose that best suit your needs and that of your readers.


The InText advertising text is a form of contextual advertising that inserts ads in the middle of the written content of a web page, these ads will be related to the keywords in the text and the theme to handle certain website. This format is the one that produces the highest conversions and is recommended for sites that have more written content.


This format is used to monetize the traffic of visitors who use widescreen monitors, taking advantage of the unused margins by sending relevant messages. Infolinks smart technology detects when the browser window is wider than the website and inserts display ads.


In this format, a banner ad is displayed at the bottom of the page each time a visitor arrives at your site directly from the search engine; If the user does not show interest the advertisement after a few seconds contracts. InFold ads have a CTR 30 times greater than conventional banners. CTR is the number of clicks that one ad receives per 100 page impressions.


InTag uses Infolink’s intelligent algorithm to extract information from the most relevant keywords of a site and present them in a tag cloud format, making your visitors aware of the specific theme of your site.

Make Money with Infolinks

I want to recommend Infolinks because it is a reliable site, I have been using it on several of my websites and I have obtained good results. Registration on this portal is very simple, you only have to enter the URL of your website, your full name, email address and choose a password. The site has excellent support – in English and Spanish – and if your site meets the minimum requirements it will be approved in less than 24 hours .

The implementation of the ads is very simple; There is a guide that will guide you step by step everything you have to do, as I said before Infolinks can be used in different platforms: WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, JavaScript.

Infolinks Payment Voucher

The numbers in Infolinks will always be clear, you will have access to daily reports of your income or detailed of each website, the minimum payment is only $ 50 and you can choose between different methods of payment: Paypal, bank transfer, Payoneer debit card and Cash through Western Union.

As a final detail you want to leave my most recent Infolinks payment voucher , thanks to an improvement in the optimization of the ads and to the increase of the traffic of some of my sites I will be able to receive payments of Infolinks every month.