How to Make Money with Facebook

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How to Make Money with Facebook

The most important factor to make money online is to get web traffic. Facebook is, as you know, the most important and used social network in the world. Thanks to Facebook you can make money from home with several methods that I will explain.

How does Facebook generate money?

Facebook has found a tremendously effective marketing method to make money. Facebook knows everything that you like.

If you did not know what Facebook’s “Like” button was for, you already know. Thanks to this button, a company can advertise by choosing to make your ad visible to Facebook users who are of a certain age, who likes horses, and who lives in a certain geographical area.

Facebook has almost 1 billion registered users and is valued at more than 37,000 million euros.

You know that Facebook is not going to share with you a euro of the income you use with this method of advertising, but there is good news.

Facebook allows you to create applications so that we can make money with Facebook, and there are several applications that you can use to make money from home.

Can I make money online with Facebook?

Yes. Anyone who has an account on Facebook can earn money with the following applications.

 Methods to make money online with Facebook


This application allows you to generate income by selling items from your store in your Facebook profile.


This application is an online auction site similar to Ebay or Mercadolibre. You can add this app to your profile and get money from users who access the auctions through your profile. It also allows you to create your own store on Facebook.


If you like music, you can use this application to sell your own music on your profile.


This application allows you to generate passive income by placing it on your profile and getting commissions for the sales you make. By means of widgets you can add to your profile the products that you want to sell.


Shopit is a social network, totally free, in which products are marketed. You can sell or buy different products or services, using Facebook to earn money .


Create your own music store in your profile, where you can sell the music of and get a commission of 5% of each sale.

Lending Club .

This is a method with which you can lend money to people who need it, earning higher interest than you get to have the money in the bank.

It is a completely safe method, with all legal issues covered.

Course on how to make money on Facebook

To learn more about how to earn money with Facebook there is a course that I have recommended in good hand, and I do not want to stop recommending it, with which you will learn everything you need to make money on Facebook.Making money from home is possible thanks to Facebook.

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