How to Make Money with Blogging

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How to Make Money with Blogging

First, you have to create an account and wait for an approval (it takes 2-3 days). After the approval you can chose the type, size and the color of the ad you want to use. I recommend to blend the color of your ads with your site because based on my experience this works the best. If you are done you will get a code that you can add to your site within the widgets menu.

Google Adsense and other Ad Programs

Adsense allows you to add different size of ads to your website which are relevant to it.

When your visitors click on one of these ads you will get paid. The payout depends on the country where the click came from, on the competition and other minor factors. It varies from $0.1 to $20 per click. You can use maximum of 3 ad every page/post but more isn’t always better.

Affiliate Programs

These include recommending quality programs that worked for you.

How to find Affiliate Programs:

You can easily find them by typing the name of your product + affiliate program in Google.

Like this : Running Shoes + Affiliate programs and a lot of them will show up. My advice is to browse a few of them and sign up to the one that has the best conditions.

Affiliate programs are free to join so if you see one that requires a sign up fee, you should avoid it.

Affiliate Networks

There are big Affiliate Networks which acts as an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate programs. So if you don’t want to deal with individual Affiliate programs you are able to sign up for these networks.

Email List Building

It can be a very profitable way to build a list by capturing visitors e-mail addresses. By doing this you can keep contact your visitors and they will more likely come back to your site.

How to get these e-mail addresses:

One of the most effective way is to give something in return for them. It can be an e-book, free training course, guide video or anything that is beneficial for your visitor. They will give you their e-mail address if you offer something that is FREE and provides value to your readers.

This giveaway is more than worth it because you can keep in touch with your subscribers and with time you are able turn them into customers.

E-mail Marketing Programs:

First, you will need to sign up to an e-mail marketing program to collect e-mails.

Here are some of the most effective programs:




Constant Contact


Personally I stuck with Aweber and I’m totally satisfied with it.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is another great way to make money online. For example there are more than 13.000+ Men running shoes at amazon which you can promote.

The commissions you receive after each product is quite low (4-15%) but the good thing is that regardless of what your visitors buying you will get a commission (if they came from your site). It’s worth to find a bit more expensive products and promote them.

This way you can earn a decent amount of money with amazon and I can recommend it if you are just about to start.

E-Book Sales

Selling E-books online are another great way but I don’t recommend it for starters. Before selling you have to know how to get traffic to your website. Without traffic you won’t make a penny even if you have the best e-books in the world. Once you learn the basics, acquire experience and got a website with traffic you can try to create your own products, e-books or trainings.

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