Pinterest is the latest phenomena in the world of social media. In the company’s own words, it is an “online pinboard.” In simpler terms, it is a social media site which lets you pin images that you like. These images are then seen by other people who can then re-pin them and hence, the chain follows.

What Pinterest means for your blog?

Pinterest was driving more traffic than YouTube and Linkedin combined, when goes to show the effect it is having on the world of social media. Given the rapid growth of this social media platform, you definitely cannot ignore it. However, since it is a new platform, most are at a loss on how to leverage it in the best way possible.

Since this blog is about making money online, and blogging is one of the best ways of earning money online, I am going to shed some light on what Pinterest means for your blog.

Pinterest, at the end of the day, can be seen as an image sharing platform. People pin images that they like on their walls. In that respect, photography blogs can derive the maximum benefit from Pinterest. However, your blog need not be about photography to get traffic from this new social media phenomenon.

It is about images and any blog can have relevant images on its blog posts. I have always stressed the importance of images in your blog, and Pinterest is another reason for doing so. However, it is important to have images on your blog that people are likely to pin on their walls. In other words, you need to have images that will appeal to other users.

Given the recent trends on Pinterest, here are kind of images that people are more likely to pin on their online pinboard:

Close up images

While landscape images are good to look at, close up images get you better visibility. Such images have better detail and are more aesthetically appealing.

Play with colors

Try to find images that have more colors in them. Bright colors or an image showing contrast is more likely to be pinned than an image with monotone.

Amateur works too

While professional photography is always better, amateur photography with an few interesting effects thrown in also work.

There are certain categories of images that will get you more visibility on Pinterest and hence, more blog followers. These categories include:

Those which depict emotion

People love to share photos that depict emotions. Again, for photography blogs, this works great. However, even if you have a tech blog, you can still have images in this category. As an example, a poor child using a computer for the first time is definitely worth sharing.