How To Recognize Scams

How To Recognize Scams

Massive Upsells: Programs that have fairly low sign up fee will offer you constant upsells in order to continue with their trainings or videos. This is why I suggest products that you can try before you buy anything (like Wealthy Affiliate).

No information on what you’ll be doing: These scams using your curiosity and you’ll join because they set up a great sales page. However they don’t tell you what you going to do before you pay (often $100’s). My advice is to never join programs which doesn’t tell you what you will do inside.

Fake Testimonial Videos/Images:  I see more and more often products that uses fake pictures about the possible earnings and some of them hiring “scam artists” to make them a believable testimonial video where they share how much money they earned by using that program. Please avoid these sites, I know that it’s looks real and sounds good but you know if it’s true good to be true then it usually is.

Geo Targeting: So you found a site that have great opportunities in your area. Don’t believe in this, it’s just a cheap trick they use with a little coding in their website. It can improve their chances to make a sale by using geo targeting but if you ever meet one, just close that site.

Exit Popups: When I doing my research for product reviews and trying new sites I often meet ones that won’t let me leave their sites. If I didn’t buy any of their products or memberships and I want to leave the website an exit popup (or more) appears offering discount on the price. I don’t think they can be credible after using a trick like that.

No Support Available: If I buy a product or a membership I always test their support. If they really care about their customers they will answer my questions within a day or maximum two. This means that if you don’t receive an answer to your question in 2 days I recommend to leave that site and try to get your money back.

Money Back Guarantee: In the previous point I talked about getting your money back. Sometimes this is a challenging task or even impossible. Programs who advertising their money back guarantee with great emphasis are more often than not trying to scam you. Usually they use low entry fees and costly upsells to sell further trainings or lessons because you can’t move forward if you didn’t buy those. This way you are able to get refund for the original product but not for the expensive upsells. Another trick by those “expert marketers”.

These are the main factors I look for when searching for legitimate products online. My best advice is to memorize these points and if you recognize one of them, leave that site immediately.