Sooner or later, but every normal person actively working on the Internet, thinks about how to make money online. It’s no secret that the capitalization of the virtual world is growing. Therefore, everyone dreams of becoming part of a large financial mechanism that can bring a serious income. In addition, in order to make a profit, you only need access to the Internet, a computer and the desire to improve your financial situation. However, before you start, it is worth considering all the options that can bring money to the user of the Network.

Almost everyone gets into a situation where there is not enough money or not at all, whether you are a schoolboy, a student, a mother in a decree, a person retired or you have been fired. Then you start to wonder where to make money on the Internet?

After all, you do not have much time to go for a full full day, you can not find work anywhere. And the first thing that comes to mind is the Internet! Previously it was sitting for fun, and now you can not only earn extra money, but also turn it into the main source of income!

Just do not forget that here, as in real life, there are a lot of scammers. If you are offered a day to earn tens of thousands of rubles or dollars, while not particularly straining, do not believe it.
Therefore, in this article I will cite, the most reliable ways of earning on the Internet without investments, and with them. Now let’s start!

№1 Earnings on bookshops

earnings on surfing

This method is considered to be the simplest kind of earnings, therefore

suitable for beginners, I think that everyone started with this. Moreover, no investment is required.

You will need to browse sites, pass tests and assignments.

I know some who manage to carry out 3000 assignments per month, taking into account the fact that their cost is from 0.20 to 400 rubles!

Here are the axles that have proved themselves well enough:

Seosprint (how to register)

  • Seo-fast
  • Socpublic
  • Profitcentr
  • Wmmail
  • Vip-prom

But I advise you not to stop at one booth, it’s better to sit at least two to increase profits.

By the way there is a foreign mail sponsor, if you do not understand much English, then it’s better to try, because they pay several times more than our axleboxes. The best foreign postman is Neobux.

№2 Earnings in social networks

earnings in social networks You knew that in social networks you can not only communicate and have fun, but also earn. There is an opportunity to earn more than on the boxes. To begin with, you need at least a Vkontakte account (it’s better to register wherever you can).

You will be offered certain actions, such as – join a group, put a kid, make a repost, etc. All this is done on special sites, like these:

  • Vktarget
  • Smmok
  • Vkserfing
  • Forumok
  • Cashbox
  • V-like
  • Old-like

To have many assignments, you need to have many friends for this. There is also a variant of the affiliate program, where from each person you invite you will be charged from 10 to 15%.

№3 Earning On The CAPTCHA

earnings on the Captcha All faced with CAPTCHA, where you need to enter the code from the picture or choose the desired pictures. This is the easiest way, but the income here is not great, for a thousand guessed captcha you get 30-60 rubles. If interested, here are the sites:

  • Rucaptcha
  • 2Captcha

№4 Earnings on Reviews

earnings on feedback A fairly good way where you can reach passive income on the Internet without attachments is to write a few hundred reviews and every month at least one at a time. For each review, you can get from 2 to 10 rubles and for each scan will be charged denyuzhka, about a thousand views – 50-500 rubles.

For the quality of feedback, write about what you are interested in, preferably attach photos. Increase your rating so that you visit more often, for this, add to your friends project users. Pay attention to these exchanges:

  • Otzovik
  • Qcomment
  • Tutux

№5 Earnings on polls

earnings on polls For each survey you are ready to pay, about 100 rubles. Maybe you’ll think it’s a lie! But the producer of goods is important to know what consumers think about his product in order to improve its quality.

The truth of the questionnaires does not happen in large numbers, as you would like and you can not approach the criteria of the advertiser. But there is a chance to make money. Here are some projects involved in questionnaires:

  • Moemnenie
  • Platnijopros
  • Internetopros

№6 Earnings on Copyrighting
Earnings on articles How many new sites are out every day! Just a huge variety! And everyone needs good content. If you have a talent for writing interesting articles, then you can try yourself as a journalist (copywriter). For this, there are special exchanges, where you can write to order or lay out the ready-made work. The average price for 1 thousand characters is about 200 rubles. I propose to familiarize with these exchanges:

  • Advego.
  • Etxt
  • Textsale
  • Copylancer
  • Turbotext

It is better for beginners not to inflate the price, but for now to gain a good reputation. Becoming a popular copywriter, you will get a lot of regular customers and already go on a stable income.

№7 Earnings on programs

earnings on the phoneIf you can not spend much time on the computer, you can try to make money on the phone or tablet. The essence of the job is that you download applications or games (from AppStore and GooglePlay) or leave feedback about them. For one installation, you get an average of 5 rubles. For a month you can get a good amount. At the beginning of registration you will be asked to keep the code, it is necessary that you receive a reward of 2 to 5 rubles. If you own a powerful gadget, then you can make profit immediately on many applications. Here is the name of the services, you will find them on the open spaces of Appstore or Playmarket:

Programs for getting a bonus

  • WHAFF Rewards IQ09410
  • AdvertApp 8j7jv0
  • P4I Cash 24NWY
  • AppBonus XSMHQE
  • Appcent PUKI

Small under the fairy tale, the task sooner or later to decrease, so go exactly every hour to the application and there will be new tasks, but they quickly snap out.

№8 Earnings On Stock Exchanges (freelancing)

earnings on the stock exchanges Freelance is a remote job (your business), here you decide for which job to take. For example, translate or write texts, draw a logo, design a website and much more. These tasks can provide a solid income. But, as in the main job, one must have the desire, ability to work and perseverance in the execution of projects. Some popular exchanges:

  • Work-zilla
  • Weblancer

№9 Earnings In Games
earnings on the gamesThis method of earning without the investment can not be earned, although in some of the players began to add surfing functions (ie, to view advertising for money). In general, financial games are rather risky, since most of them can unexpectedly close a couple of months after their discovery. So if you came across a brand new game, I advise you to look at it first, especially on the site design, if it is too complicated, then the administration has long plans for the project.

There are already long-lived games, where their users get a decent monthly profit. Here you can not worry that you will be deceived and your money will fly into the hands of the admins irretrievably.
In some games, it’s easy to invest money and you will not get a profit, that is, you will actually have to play or work, but it will not take much of your time.

№10 Earnings On Own Site

Earnings on the blogThe personal site or blog is the most highly profitable method of earning. For example, sites in the top, bring about 100-300 thousand per month net profit. Everyone can try this method. For this you need:

choose an interesting topic for your site

  • develop a design
  • write unique articles
  • promote the site

Once attendance is stable on an average of 1000 people a day, you can post all kinds of advertising.
If you do not want to create a blog yourself, you can order it or buy it already ready, untwisted on any topic. The most famous site for buying and selling websites is:

Conclusion On The Topic Where To Earn Money On The Internet

Here I have resulted the most popular ways of earnings on the Internet without investments, and as with investments. Begin with an easy, gain experience and then it will be easier for you to master the Internet as a business. The main thing is to work on yourself, not to be lazy and not afraid of difficulties.

Everything is comprehended with time. Of all the options presented, you can choose one or more. Master and choose which method is right for you, and then you will have your own money path. I hope that I answered the question – where to earn money on the Internet.