Get Web Traffic With A Blog

Get Web Traffic With A Blog

A blog is a great tool to get web traffic on the Internet. Write quality content in it , you will be able to become friend of Google, and this will position you in the first pages of the search engine.

If you have a store like we have said about clothing accessories, you can create a fashion blog, and position yourself on Google with keywords like “fashion accessories” or “cheap clothes” .

When users search for “fashion accessories” in Google, they will find your blog, and in it you can place a link or banner where you redirect them to your online store.

You will be getting potential customers who are really interested in your products, as that is what they were looking for in Google.

Web traffic with social networks

We all know that every online business has to have presence in social networks . Everyone is on the networks, and if you want to reach more people better, your store also needs to be on social networks, at least the main ones: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

In the networks you can create a community of people interested in your products.

One of the methods to get fans on Facebook is creating a contest on Facebook with an application type Easypromos , with which you can overcome such “bag” between the contestants.

These participants will have to click on “I like” on your Facebook page, as well as sharing the contest, and invite your friends.

In this way, for the price of what a bag costs you, you will be getting thousands of fans, in addition to you can ask the participants for their email, so you will also be creating a database of customers, which you can then use for Promote products with email marketing .

The strategy to make money with your online store

As you can see, with these 3 steps you can get web traffic to your online store and this way the sales will begin to arrive.

The good thing is that these 3 systems can be linked together. You can create a video on your YouTube channel where you promote your products and publish it on your blog. At the same time, your posts published in the blog and the videos of your channel you have to share them with your followers in the social networks.

In this way you will create a community of loyal customers to your brand that they will buy regularly in your online store. You do not want to have customers who come only once through an advertisement and never come back.

You are interested in creating a community of customers who receive your promotions every week, and follow the novelties of the store.

Follow these 3 steps and I guarantee that your online store will be a success.