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Facebook Job Profiles

Typically, those who write this type of texts, talks about topics they know very well, for example, you can write an e-book on how to make money online with a blog, and It is achieved because it is a very fashionable topic , Which allows you to get a job to make money in your spare time, without investing a penny.

Of course you will not sell, distribute for free, but you can either opt for direct selling or through an editor, submitting your work to the publishing services that deal with this type of material.

Direct selling has the advantage that it allows to increase almost 100% of the sale price (to pay taxes, declaring of their income), but requires a means to make known their work, the possibility that not all have. For example, if you own a rather popular blog, you cannot distribute your book, or you can join it if you manage one by giving a percentage of the income.

The other possibility, we said, is to find an editor interested in our work, in this case we typed in Google “to publish an e-book” to get a lot of information about the possibilities of distributing what we have produced, relying on professional networks . If you choose this last opportunity you have to remember that the amount of income are not very high, according to the publisher, ranging from 7% to 15% of list price, so you earn in a large number.

Writing a book opens some more interested gates on the way to the invention of an alternative or complementary work; For example, you can reveal a great business card to start a career as an editor, who gets paid to write articles for online magazines, websites and blogs. We can present our work by sending e-mail to the administrators of these services and receive a reward for writing articles or proofreading; The e-book, if properly written, will act as a guarantee of our real writers’ capabilities.

New companies

New business enterprises the start-up is considered to be an anti-crisis contemporary invention and counts among the emerging professions of this period; It is to make available our experience (in any field) in order to teach others in a trade. For example, if we are very well in the kitchen, we re-invent the baking masters, taking us to the homes of those interested, and teaching them to prepare delicious dishes, low calorie, fast, processed, etc.

Imagine instead of being great musicians, let’s launch a startup to teach people to play the guitar, a real home delivery. However, if we know how to do it with gardening, we teach people the secrets to always have flowers or productive gardens.

If we extend this vision for a moment, here it is interesting to gather around you people who have more than one specific skill, so for each of them a “job”, contact management, appointments and get a percentage of performance. It is a question of managing a true society of individuals who have been able to invent a profession based on their passions and abilities.

Usually, those who get involved in such a company initially offers a package of free services, in order to encourage people to use them, which requires a fee to move forward in the teachings.

Again it invent a work from home without having any special tools or spaces, minimizing costs and eliminating, in fact, any risk related to the possible failure of our attempt to devise alternative employment.

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