Have a Big Fan Page to Make Money

Is It Easy To Have A Big Fan Page To Make Money?

No, it is not, but what is easy in life? As everything requires a lot of work but do not worry, we will give you some ideas so you can start small with your project.

1) If you want to have an active fan page and many fans, look for a “general” theme, i.e. if you make a page about your specific business, you can have fans but they would be to promote only your business and you would capture a very small audience , But if you are interested in bringing traffic to your blogs monetized with adsense or click bank what you should do is to touch broad themes such as love, humor, viral, literature, business, politics, etc, i.e. open themes Debate of a general public.

2) Buy mentions in big fan page, if you want your fan base to increase, look for pages with the topics that interest you and buy a mention to increase your fans, as this will ensure that people who are interested in your subject will join To your facebook page

3) Invest in facebook adds. Think about it, it’s your business and your investment and it would not be too much to allocate a part of your budget to a small campaign to increase the fan base of your page. Therefore, it is important that you learn well to segment your audience, for example, if you are interested in having a fan page of crafts, you should target your audience primarily to people who are interested in crafts, to have a better impact.

4) Include in your blogs the promotion of your fan page. So anyone who joins your page will be able to see your link and if you are interested in what you write, they will follow you.

5) Update your fan page with interesting content that has a “viral” effect , put yourself in people’s shoes and think what do you think people could publish on their walls without problems ?, publish videos, images and articles that contain content Interesting and encourage your fans to share it.

6) Promote your fan page in facebook groups. Join facebook groups with topics similar to yours and get to know your page, you will see that little by little your fan page will grow with audience really interested.

We hope you’re excited to get started with your fan pag project and remember, these are virtual assets for you and a good investment option.