How Can I Choose a Good Subject for my Online Course

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How Can I Choose a Good Subject for my Online Course

Choose what kind of video course you are going to do is to decide the course theme. You may think that you have nothing to teach.

The reason why you cannot think of anything you can teach is because you underestimate your knowledge. And there is a belief that to teach something, you have to be skilled at something. But it’s not like that.

To make them pay you for your knowledge, you just have to know more than the people willing to pay you. Ask yourself these two questions:

  • On what things or topics do you know more than 90% of people?
  • What activities do you do easily and that other people have a lot more to do?

Some ideas I can give you to think about it:

  • The topics of the web pages, magazines, books and blogs you read.
  • The knowledge of your studies or your work.
  • Your hobbies, what you like to do in your free time.
  • Those things that your friends and family often ask you for advice to you.
  • What nearby people tell you that you are good to do.

Analyze any themes you can think of. Do you know how to cook sushi? Do you know how to fix the engine of a car? Do you have the skills to do origami? Do they all tell you that you are very good? Can you paint your house in record time without messing up the floor?

Anything you can think of, as silly as you like, if you know how to do it well and most people you know have no idea how to run it, you can take an online course teaching that skill.

Do I need to take exams or tests in my online course?

It is not necessary to include questionnaires, exams or tests for students to pass and can approve the course because the truth is that these courses have no qualification at all.

You here are not a school or an official body that grants any type of certificate or certificate to complete the course and to approve it .

And that’s why you do not need to create any kind of tests to overcome like the boring school controls.

Of course there are people who go up courses and at the end of each section they include a small questionnaire with questions, but this is totally optional, not mandatory.

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