5 Ways to Make Money with Twitter

5 Ways to Make Money with Twitter

When it comes to social media giants, twitter seems one of the leading social media and micro blogging website. Today almost every person out of three has a twitter account. People use twitter to tweet their friends and family. And some people also use twitter for business and are making money with twitter.

But how does twitter make money for you as it is only a micro blogging website?

The answer is the audience that daily uses twitter. You can make good money on twitter if you use it wisely and comprehensively. Here in this article I will tell you different ways to make money on twitter without getting yourself in the list of spammers.

Before you start making money on twitter, you should have a huge number of followers. But how to get twitter followers ?I will tell you the way how do I get twitter followers without spamming my account and without using follower flooders. When you have got a twitter account, start following your friends and family members first. They will definitely follow you back.

Once you have got almost 100 followers, start interacting with other people and start building up trust and relationship with the twitter users. Keep following people and you will definitely start getting followers. There is no limit to make money on twitter and likewise no limit to followers.

The more followers you have on twitter, the more chances you are building to make extra money with twitter. I have 23000 followers on twitter right now and I have a good relationship with most of them. So get as many followers as you can and never stop with this process. Try to get your account exposed to as many people as you can.

Follow Big Guns on Twitter:

Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Eminem, 50 Cent and businessmen like Bill Gates and politicians like Obama, Hilary have millions of twitter followers. Do not forget to follow them because in this way you get your account and tweets visible to their followers thus increasing your chance to make money on twitter. So follow the big guns on twitter with more than 100000 twitter followers.

Now once you have got many twitter followers, you can start making money on twitter in many ways as I will discuss them in the coming paragraph. Below are some ways to earn money on twitter that you can use to get in some passive income.